About me

Me on the beach with a friend's Border Terrier. I love being by the sea!
I'm a dyed in the wool illustrator; did my degree in it (details below), have been an illustrator ever since and fully expect to expire with at least a pen still in my hand - and of course a cup of tea by my side and lots of pencil smudges on my face; what a way to go!

I just can't quite get over the excitement when.a new project drops by, enabling me to use my imagination, to flex my pencil holding muscles and connect my work with a whole new audience. Nothing beats it.

I graduated with a B.A.Hons Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Norwich School of Art in 1989 and since then have worked for a wide range of publishers and designers including BBC Gardeners World Magazine, The Met Office, British Gas, Sainsburys, Fortnum and Masons, Barefoot Books, Oxford University Press, Nelson Thornes Ltd, Scholastic, Lion Publishing, Dorset County Council, The Jurassic Coast and Centerparcs and many more.

My work combines narrative and figurative elements, drawing, printmaking elements, painted textures, and surface pattern design, often incorporating my own words and stories (I love to write).
I love working on personal narratives, folk tales, cartoons, children's books and literature, landscapes, architecture, birds and nature, the sea and its creatures, both mythical and real, along with its symbols, stories and characters,

I have experience in visiting schools as an artist and in running art workshops and projects in different venues, and create mural works in private and public spaces, examples of which can be found in the Projects and Events section here.

I also have a son, born in 2005 who also keeps me busy!